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“A Letter to My Daughter” by Kasey Mathews

In this riveting, honest, and often humorous memoir, Preemie chronicles the journey of one tiny baby’s tenacious struggle to hold on to life and the mother who ultimately grew with her. From hospital waiting rooms to the offices of alternative practitioners, from ski slopes to Symphony Hall, Kasey tries to make meaning of her daughter’s birth and eventually comes to learn that gifts come in all sizes and all forms, and sometimes… right on time.

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Red Sunshine: An intimate portrait of a breast cancer survivor

Dr. Kimberly Allison diagnoses breast cancer for a living. But as a 33-year-old healthy new mother, she never expected to find herself looking at her own malignant cells under the microscope. Like many others diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Allison was starving for stories of other survivors. She wanted to hear someone’s tale, to feel their experiences and look for hidden clues to what her own future might hold. Ultimately, the story that Dr. Allison was looking for was found in her own life.

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Hepatitis C No Longer a Lifelong Illness

Director of Hepatology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and hepatitis C expert Gregory Everson, M.D. provides state-of-the-science information in Curing Hepatitis C — a new book that outlines the latest treatment protocols that offer the outcome of complete cure from this disease.

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