Distributed in partnership with Penguin Random House

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Trade Sales & Domestic Sales (US)

In the United States, Hatherleigh Press titles are distributed to bookstores and libraries through:

Penguin Random House Distribution Services (www.penguinrandomhouse.com)

Orders: 800-733-3000
Fax Orders: 800-659-2436
Customer Service Email: customerservice@penguinrandomhouse.com
Customer Service Orders Email: csorders@penguinrandomhouse.com

Canadian Sales

Canadian Sales: 888-523-9292
Canadian Fax: 888-562-9924
Canadian Email: customerservicescanada@penguinrandomhouse.com
Orders Email: orderscanada@penguinrandomhouse.com

International Sales

International Sales: 212-829-6706
International Fax: 212-829-6700
International Email: international@penguinrandomhouse.com

Special Sales

Hatherleigh Press titles are available for use as premiums, giveaways, or for other uses.

Hatherleigh titles are also terrific to sell in non-traditional ways, including retail shops, online, clubs, associations, catalogs, etc.

In large quantities (over 500) individual titles can be customized to include your organization’s logo and message.

For special sales information, custom publishing, and bulk purchasing inquiries, please contact:


Subsidiary Rights

For subsidiary rights information, please contact:


Online Store Return Policy

All sales of books, DVDs and other material producsts are final. They can only be exchanged if damaged and require proof of purchase.

If purchased from another vendor (bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, other online retailer), please contact them directly for assistance.