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First, make sure your project fits with the kinds of books we publish:

  • Heath and wellness
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Living with chronic diseases and medical
  • Self-help and inspirational
  • Sustainability and green living
NOTE: We do not publish Fiction.

Second, you must submit a book proposal that includes:

  • A synopsis (no more than 2 pages)
  • A complete table of contents
  • At least two, preferably three sample chapters
  • A list of additional materials will be included in the book: Charts, photographs, illustrations, case studies, etc.
  • If you’re sending a cookbook proposal, please note total number of recipes and if you’ll be providing photographs.
  • Author bio information. Why are you qualified to write this book? What other books have you written? What are your promotional skills? (public speaking, television or radio appearances or seminars you have conducted on the subject.) What is your social media presence?
  • A run-down of the book’s market potential: Who might read this book? Is it a broad audience, (all men over age 30) or a niche audience (stamp collectors between the ages of 30 and 32)?
  • Analysis of the competition: What other books exist on the same subject? How is yours different, the similar, better?

If you do not have every single thing above, you can still send us your proposal.
Please keep in mind that we receive many proposals and so we consider only those which are complete and well-presented. That doesn’t mean the presentation has to be fancy or expensive. It does mean the proposal should be well-written and carefully executed.

Please send your submission/proposal by email (as Word Doc or PDF):

Or by US mail:

Hatherleigh Press
62545 State Highway 10
Hobart, New York 13788