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Hepatitis C No Longer a Lifelong Illness

Hepatitis C No Longer a Lifelong Illness


New Book from Hepatology Expert Documents Pathway to Cure

Hepatitis C expert Gregory Everson, M.D. provides state-of-the-science information to guide patients through the diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C in the new book Curing Hepatitis C .

Curing Hepatitis C outlines the new treatment protocols that offer the outcome of complete cure from this disease.

Curing Hepatitis C provides an indispensable and comprehensive overview of for the nearly 160 million people worldwide and 4 million Americans diagnosed with hepatitis C. Perhaps most importantly, Curing Hepatitis C provides hope.

Medical and technological innovations have made a cure possible. A new frontier of treatment options has improved upon previous methods by curbing side-effects more effectively and working to eradicate hepatitis C entirely. Curing Hepatitis C documents the new horizon clearly, accurately, and with expert authority.