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More Gift Book Ideas for Father’s Day

More Gift Book Ideas for Father’s Day


Looking for some more gift ideas for Father’s Day? Since we posted last year’s “Fun Father’s Day Book Gift Ideas” list, we’ve published a few more books which dad just might love.


101 BEST JUMP ROPE WORKOUTS is exactly that—101 of the absolute best, most effective jump rope workouts imaginable. Designed by Buddy Lee, the world’s top expert in jump rope conditioning, these targeted programs let you experience real results and lasting fitness. It’s the ultimate handbook for the greatest exercise on the planet!

COWBOY WISDOM collects over 200 essential quotes from history, myth and culture about the defining era of the Wild West, including humor, wise words, and powerful quotations. Cowboy Wisdom is great for the lover of the cowboy days, western movies, and Americana. From Roy Rogers to Will Rogers, Gene Autry to John Wayne, cowboys have always been a part of America.

JOY OF CYCLING is a collection of over 200 fun and inspirational quotes on the wonderfulness of riding a bike. We all remember what it was like the first time we tried to ride a bike. After some falls, a few bruises and lots of practice, we eventually succeed–and it’s this feeling of accomplishment, freedom, and excitement that is prominently highlighted in The Joy of Cycling. It is the perfect gift for all bike lovers.

JOY OF RUNNING is a collection of over 200 fun and inspirational quotes on the thrill and sport of running. Running is probably the easiest activity we can all do apart from walking to get from one place to another or to get some good exercise in. Everyone’s heard of the “runners high”. There’s an innate feeling of well-being that comes with this activity as well as a great sense of freedom in one’s journey which are highlighted in the quote collection The Joy of Running. It is the perfect gift for runners of every level.

NEVER! contains over 750 quotes from people telling you to never do something. A wise man once said that “never” is a ridiculous word you should never use. Words of advice on what you should do will never be as straightforward or as helpful as what you should never do! With hundreds of quotes from around the world, NEVER! collects all the wisdom you could ever need. Never make a mistake when someone else can make it for you.

THE WARRIOR’S BOOK OF VIRTUES uses the battle-tested principles of the United States Marine Corps to help everyone live their best life in easy and practical ways. Written by decorated veterans of the Marine Corps and Navy, The Warrior’s Book of Virtues presents a new format for time-tested methods of self-improvement, outlining a plan to triumph over challenges by cultivating the virtues of discipline, fortitude, prudence, and more.

All titles are available wherever books are sold including Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.