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Fun Father’s Day Book Gift Ideas

Fun Father’s Day Book Gift Ideas


With Father’s Day less than a month away, we wanted to compile a list of our some of our books which would make the perfect gift for the occasion!

THE BASEBALL FAN’S TREASURY OF QUOTATIONS is a collection of inspirational and meaningful quotes perfect for every fan of the great game of baseball. Collecting over 200 sayings, wisdom and wit from the legends of baseball, this book promises to be a cherished collectable for every fan.

COMPLETE PHYSIQUE is the all-in-one 12-week program designed to obtain and maintain the body you’ve always wanted. This book provides all the answers you need to get the best body you possible can-and maintain your gains. Eat clean. Burn fat. Build lean muscle.

GRILLED CHEESE & BEER is spiced with wit and a passion for all things grilled cheese and beer, with easy-to-follow instructions that make it perfect for any skill level. It contains over 50 one-of-a-kind grilled cheese sandwich recipes, perfectly paired with craft beers designed to draw out the full flavor of each ingredient.

THE NATURE LOVER’S QUOTATION BOOK is a collection of inspirational and meaningful quotes perfect for every lover of the great outdoors. From simple walks and hikes in the woods, to longer treks and camping, we eagerly search for opportunities to escape into nature. Now there is a beautiful collection of inspired readings to take along the trail and read around the campfire, or just contemplate at home.

RACING BACK TO VIETNAM follows John Pendergrass’ year in combat as a United Air Force flight surgeon during the Vietnam War and and his recent return to Vietnam, revisiting a country that, for him, is bound up in history, memory and emotion. A memoir of war as seen from the skies and a reflection on life’s high adventure, John tries to reconcile the Vietnam he saw from the backseat of a fighter jet with today’s modern Vietnam.

WARRIOR WORKOUTS is the absolute best in result-driven fitness regimens, drawn from the same essential training and workout plans used for police officers, military, and firefighters to keep them fit and in optimum physical condition. Developed and tested by best-selling fitness author and expert Stewart Smith, these workouts will challenge you like no other exercise program available.

All titles are available wherever books are sold including Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.