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Category: Featured

The Charisma Factor

More than a guide to becoming popular or charming—The Charisma Factor is part mentor, part roadmap to embracing your individuality, discovering your authenticity and empowering yourself.

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Pilates for Athletes

Perfect for every fitness level, Pilates for Athletes seeks to take the principles and benefits of Pilates and apply them to whichever sports and activities you love to do.

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The Fiber Effect

The Fiber Effect presents a whole new way in thinking about diet and nutrition by focusing on fiber intake and is an essential guide to meeting your daily fiber needs.

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Be Heart Smart

Written in easy-to-understand language, Be Heart Smart helps you better under-stand CHD and gives you the knowledge you need to take charge of your heart health.

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Plant Based Cooking Made Easy

From the creators of the popular YouTube channel The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show comes Plant Based Cooking Made Easy, the timely and comprehensive cookbook featuring over 100 life-saving, whole food plant-based recipes.

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