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Pliability for Runners

Pliability for Runners


The Breakthrough Method to Stay Injury-Free, Get Stronger and Run Faster

Muscle pliability exercises focus on developing muscle tissues, connective tissues, ligaments, and joints that can withstand regular use and easily recover from impact and exertion. Pliability is the key to running injury-free and improving results. Pliability for Runners provides the best primer to help anyone to boost their performance.

With over dozens of exercises and sport-specific workout plans—all backed by modern, field-tested science—Pliability for Runners is the key to achieving optimum athletic performance while breaking the injury cycle.

Recreational runners, cross country and track runners, competitive road racers and professional athletes across the globe understand the critical importance of taking proper care of your body. Without proper upkeep, muscle fatigue, repetitive motion injuries and the general wear-and-tear of day-to-day living takes its toll on our body, making it less coordinated, more restricted and less responsive to the demands of athletic activity.

Pliability for Runners changes all that. By offering a complete and thorough breakdown of improving your body’s pliability, runners of all skill and experience levels can take advantage of increased flexibility, stronger muscle resilience and better performance during (and after) workouts.

Pliability for Runners also features targeted stretches and exercises perfect for every fitness level, helping to improve the following: muscle strength, range of motion, explosive power, chronic muscle tension, endurance, and flexibility.

About the Author

Joseph McConkey, MS, is a running coach and exercise physiologist, specializing in injury-prevention. He has worked with the full spectrum of running athletes, from first-time runners, to marathoners around the world, to Olympic athletes at the elite high altitude training camps of Ethiopia and Kenya. He has coached at the club, college, and pro levels and has been the director of the Boston Running Center’s Gait Analysis Lab for more than a decade. Joseph holds the highest accreditation by the USA Track and Field Association and the IAAF, as well as a Masters in Exercises Science with a focus on Injury Prevention and Sports Performance.

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Pliability for Runners
Written by Joseph McConkey, MS
978-1-57826-910-5, $16.95 paperback
978-1-57826-911-2, $9.99 eBook

Published by Hatherleigh Press.
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