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You Can Save the Earth Coloring Book

You Can Save the Earth Coloring Book


New Coloring Book Promises to Educate and Inspire All Ages

There are so many reasons for all of us to cherish the planet we live on—and there are just as many ways for us to show our love! You Can Save the Earth Coloring Book for Environmental Awareness, Conservation, and Sustainability features the absolute best of what our beautiful world has to offer inspiring environmental appreciation and highlighting the importance of the sustainable stewardship of our fragile planet.

From mindful awareness to sustainability strategies, readers young and old will appreciate the fun of taking a coloring book page and making it their own while learning about our role as stewards and Earth advocates.

Fostering creativity and giving readers a great outlet for their own imagination, You Can Save the Earth Coloring Book is perfect for any age, and features interesting information on why and how to include sustainable strategies in our daily lives.

You Can Save the Earth Coloring Book features a wide range of detailed pictures…you will love coloring in these amazing illustrations—all while coming to a greater appreciation for the world we live in, and our role as protectors of planet Earth.


Leighanna Hoyle is an author and illustrator who lives in Charlotte, NC with her wonderful husband and amazing pets. She spends most of her time crafting, including drawing, painting and sewing in her in-home studio. The rest of her time is spent with her pets, like her awesome dog Sarge and the reptiles that she rescues.

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You Can Save the Earth Coloring Book
Illustrated by Leighanna Hoyle
978-1-57826-672-2, $9.95 paperback

Published by Hatherleigh Press.
Distributed through Penguin Random House.
Available wherever books are sold.