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Waves of Healing

Waves of Healing


“Waves of Healing is a powerful and inspirational book—a must-read for anyone with a loved one on the autism spectrum.”
Amy KD Tobik, editor-in chief of Autism Parenting Magazine

“A deeply honest and eloquent account, Waves of Healing is a story of hope, and a discovery of what the therapeutic power of the ocean—and organizations like Surfers For Autism—can do.”
Beau Flemister, former editor-at-large of Surfing Magazine and author of In the Seat of a Stranger’s Car

“Waves of Healing will stoke you out, it will tug on your heartstrings, and it will make you reconsider what those with autism are capable of—and how one good ride can change everything.”
Jake Howard, surf writer and editor of First Priority: A Father’s Journey in Raising World Champion Surfer Carissa Moore

Waves of Healing tells the extraordinary true story of the powerful impact of surfing on the lives of those affected with autism.

“Stand up, up, UP!” is the mantra of Surfers for Autism, an organization that runs surf events for autistic children, providing the opportunity to not only catch waves, but to become part of a supportive surfing community. Waves of Healing collects the stories of a group of everyday families who discovered Surfers for Autism in their search for hope, answers, and healing.

These are stories about the struggles autistic children face and the breakthroughs of authentic joy and unbridled excitement as they learn to see their world from a whole new perspective—standing tall atop a surfboard, riding a wave all their own.

Exploring new avenues of therapy for those with autism, with therapeutic and extraordinary results, Waves of Healing is a snapshot of hope, courage, and human perseverance.

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Cash Lambert is the former editor of Hawaii’s Freesurf Magazine. He has written for ESPN Outdoors, the Outdoor Channel, Autism Parenting Magazine, Surfing Magazine, Eastern Surf Magazine, Flux and Surfline. A graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University, Cash served as a volunteer surf instructor with Surfers for Autism for 4 years. He currently lives in Haleiwa, Hawaii.

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Written by Cash Lambert
978-1-57826-794-1, $16.00 paperback
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