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Warrior Wisdom

Warrior Wisdom


“The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible.” —General Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. Army

Warrior Wisdom is a collection of over 200 inspirational and motivational quotes from military leaders and influential figures throughout history.

There’s something special about the women and men who of the military. No matter their reason for serving–protecting their country, achieving something great, learning life skills, or developing themselves physically and mentally—their unique experiences can help provide insight and perspective on many of life’s challenges.

Tackling issues like the need for integrity, the challenges of leadership, the importance of initiative and the value of resilience, Warrior Wisdom distills the essence of the military mindset into key takeaways and life lessons.

Compiled by Nick Benas, a former United States Marine Sergeant and author of The Warrior Book of Virtues, Warrior Wisdom highlights the bravery, sacrifice, and knowledge of service men and women in this easy-to-read quote collection.

About the Author

Nick Benas, USMC, is a former United States Marine Sergeant and Iraqi Combat Veteran. He’s the author of Mental Health Emergencies, The Resilient Warrior and Tactical Mobility. He travels around the United States training individuals on how to recognize a developing mental illness and how to prevent someone from slipping into a crisis. Nick attended Southern Connecticut State University for his undergraduate degree in Sociology, and for his M.S. in Public Policy. He has been featured by more than 50 major media outlets for his business success and entrepreneurship, including Entrepreneur Magazine, Men’s Health, ABC, FOX, ESPN, and CNBC.

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Warrior Wisdom
Written by Nick Benas, USMC
978-1-57826-896-2, $12.50 hardcover

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