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The Vegan Athlete’s Nutrition Handbook

The Vegan Athlete’s Nutrition Handbook


Using the latest research in sports nutrition, The Vegan Athlete’s Nutrition Handbook: The Essential Guide for Plant-Based Performance helps athletes maximize their performance, expedite recovery, and optimize their health through balanced, plant-based eating.

“…a must have for anyone who wants to understand how to eat plant-based for optimal nutrition, performance, and recovery. It’s like having a nutrition coach by your side and will be your go-to whenever nutrition questions arise.” —Dotsie Bausch, Olympic silver medalist and 8x US National Cycling Champion

Debunking the myth that a plant-based diet and high-intensity athleticism just don’t mix, The Vegan Athlete’s Nutrition Handbook is a comprehensive guidebook for anyone looking to dive deep into the science behind plant-based eating and peak performance. Making the choice to switch to a plant-based diet shouldn’t mean giving up your gains — in fact, incorporating more plant-based foods may even give you an athletic advantage — provided you know how to properly fuel your body while eating vegan.The Vegan Athlete’s Nutrition Handbook features:• Breakdown of key macro and micronutrients in a plant-based diet• The latest information on healthy supplements and dosing• Over 25 flavorful and fueling vegan recipes• Sample meal plans to create nutrient-rich, complete vegan meals• Guidance on the top athletic concerns, including bone health and rapid recoveryThe book provides expert guidance for everyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes, whether you are plant-curious, transitioning to a plant-forward diet, or want to refine your existing plant-based nutrition plan. With easy-to-follow vegan menus, recipes, tips, and tricks that can enhance performance, boost recovery and improve health, there’s no reason not to be a vegan athlete!About the AuthorNichole Dandrea-Russert, MS, RDN, is a plant-based dietitian and yoga instructor who has a passion for guiding people toward living vibrantly through a foundation of plant-based foods, movement, mindfulness, and meditation. She shares her thoughts through her website Purely Planted. Nichole is also the author of The Fiber Effect. She lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and rescue pup, Mariposa.Praise for The Vegan Athlete’s Nutrition Handbook

“No matter your level of exercise or fitness, if you want to get into the details of plant-based eating and come away feeling full of info, this is your book.” —Matt Ruscigno, MPH, RD, co-author of Plant-Based Sports Nutrition

“…a guide that every plant-based athlete should have, whether they are a strength athlete or Crossfitter or an endurance athlete.” —Kayla Slater, MS, RDN, ACE-CPT of Plant Based Performance Nutrition and Run Coaching, LLC

“It’s like having a nutrition coach by your side and will be your go-to whenever nutrition questions arise.” —Dotsie Bausch, Olympic silver medalist and 8x US National Cycling Champion

“…provides a quality resource for plant-based protein sources which is challenging to find for athletes who are plant-based or interested in transitioning to a plant based diet.” —Sara Love, ND, naturopathic physician and ultramarathoner

# # #The Vegan Athlete’s Nutrition HandbookWritten by Nichole Dandrea-Russert, MS, RDN978-1-57826-904-4, $20.00 paperback978-1-57826-905-1, $9.99 ebookPublished by Hatherleigh Press.Distributed through Penguin Random House.Available wherever books are sold.