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Tech-Life Balance

Tech-Life Balance


tech-life balancealso tech/life balance (noun)using technology in a way that doesn’thave a negative effect on your personallife or relationships

Are you thinking about checking your phone right now? Does it feel like you can’t go five minutes without browsing social media, checking your email, or sending a text? If you answered yes, then TechLife Balance: 101 Ways to Thrive in a Digital World is for you.Written by digital wellness expert and founder of Phone Free Day, Taíno Bendz, and drawing on his research and first-hand experiences, TechLife Balance looks into all the ways we have been tethered by technology and how to fix it with creative and strategic ideas.

In the modern digital age, being connected 24/7 is more than a habit—it seems like a necessity. TechLife Balance tackles the very real issue of being addicted to our devices with 101 easy-to-implement life hacks to rein in your tech use, reclaim your life and achieve digital wellness.With TechLife Balance, you’ll learn to:• Set personal boundaries, designating specific spaces and times as “tech-free”• Manage screen time and your social media presence to limit mindless scrolling• Adopt productive work habits to stay focused and on-task• Improve personal relationships by minimizing tech clutter• Become healthier and more active, just by putting your phone away• Identify techlife balance promoting apps to help you organize your timeBy following the practices in this book, you can improve your health, sharpen your focus and learn to experience life in a whole new way.About the AuthorTaíno Bendz is the founder of Phone Free Day and his own consulting business, and his message on mindful and intentional technology usage has reached and inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world. He is a public speaker, workshop facilitator, and conducts research on digital technology usage. Taíno holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management and has spent the last 10 years working in technology sectors such as renewable energy, healthcare IT, and software automation. He currently lives in Sweden with his partner and two young sons.# # #TECHLIFE BALANCEWritten by Taíno Bendz978-1-57826-966-2, $15.00 hardcover978-1-57826-967-9, $8.99 ebookPublished by Hatherleigh Press.Distributed through Penguin Random House.Available wherever books are sold.