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Tabata Workout Handbook

Tabata Workout Handbook


The Tabata Workout Handbook compiles a collection of more than 100 Tabata workouts optimized for effective weight loss, increased cardiovascular health, and improved athletic ability. Utilizing principles of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Tabata is the most efficient way to exercise in the world, requiring less time than any other method of fitness and is now widely acknowledged to be the single most advantageous form of exercise for any number of fitness goals.

Tabata lets individuals push their body to their physical limits—getting the results they want while avoiding stress-based injuries and unwanted setbacks. Requiring little to no equipment, Tabata is as affordable as it is effective. The Tabata Workout Handbook lets anyone tailor the intensity of the workouts to their starting ability. And since each movement only takes 4 minutes to complete, Tabata is perfect for any schedule!

The Tabata Workout Handbook also includes weight Tabata workout drills, detailed and easy-to-understand exercise descriptions, tips on how to best supplement one’s existing workout regimen, and a Tabata Tracker journal to help keep track of one’s progress.

Whether looking to intensify an existing workout, increasing one’s fitness results, or overcoming a personal fitness plateau to reach new heights, The Tabata Workout Handbook is the perfect exercise resource.


Roger Hall is one of America’s leading fitness experts. Roger is an HKC certified kettlebell trainer and has created innovative programs for both men and women designed to maximize efficiency and produce extraordinary results. Roger received his master’s degree in education from the State University of New York at Albany. For more than 8 years, Roger has trained clientele from all walks of life, and has implemented programs for all fitness levels. Roger owns Catskill Kettlebells, a thriving business teaching the art and science of kettlebell training to all ages from beginners to advanced athletes. He is the author of Body Sculpting with Kettlebells for Men.

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Written by Roger Hall
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