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Surf Therapy

Surf Therapy


A deep look into the surf therapy movement, the therapists at the forefront of this radical new treatment, and its many applications for treating anxiety, PTSD, and more.

Surfing? As a form of therapy? It’s not just possible—it’s powerful.

Surf therapy is an emerging field with promising results which aims to address the mental, physical and emotional epidemics of the modern age. In Surf Therapy, author Cash Lambert paddles out with today’s leading surf therapy practitioners and surf therapy organizations to discover how surfing is changing lives for the better.

See how much surf therapy can help in treating:
• Drug addiction and addiction recovery
• Children and adults diagnosed with autism
• Social development of at-risk inner-city children
• Physical disabilities like spinal cord injuries
• PTSD in active-duty police officers
• Terminal illnesses like cystic fibrosis
• Women recovering from abusive living situations

With interviews from today’s leading surf therapy practitioners and data from groundbreaking studies, Surf Therapy is a story of science, resilience, and the lengths that humans will go to help one another in need.

About the Author

Cash Lambert is the author Waves of Healing: How Surfing Changes the Lives of Children with Autism. He is the Founder and Director of Editorial for American Surf Magazine. A former Editor for Hawaii’s Freesurf Magazine, his articles have been featured in ESPN Outdoors, Surfing Magazine, Eastern Surf Magazine, the Outdoor Channel, Surfline, Stab Magazine, Flux, Patagonia and more. A graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University, he served as a volunteer surf instructor with Surfers for Autism for 4 years. Cash lives with his wife in Florida.

Praise for Surf Therapy

“Cash expertly balances storytelling with scientific rigor, making complex concepts accessible to both the seasoned surf therapy practitioner and the armchair adventurer. This book is not just a literary journey—it’s an invitation to ride the waves within and discover the transformative power that awaits us in the sea’s embrace.” —Kris Primacio, CEO of the International Surf Therapy Organization (ISTO)

“Surf Therapy is the expression of energy as a wave meets the shore. Nothing but applause for Lambert’s efforts in so eloquently telling our story and sharing it with the world.” —Dr. Carly M Rogers, OTD, OTR/L, creator of Ocean Therapy & Founding Director of Programs for the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation

“Cash blends beautiful storytelling, cutting edge science, and emotive personal testimony to explore the life changing potential of the emerging surf therapy sector.” —Dr. Jamie Marshall, Research Fellow at Edinburgh Napier University

“Everything in this book flows—from the narrative voice to the voices of the surfing storytellers, from oceans to health clinics, from bodies to souls—Surf Therapy is another healing gift from author Cash Lambert.” —David Athey, Professor of English, Palm Beach Atlantic University & author of Above the Harbor

“In Surf Therapy, Cash Lambert does an expert job of blending emotional testimonials and definitive data to reveal exactly that. This book digs deep into surf therapy. It’s an excellent read for anyone seeking hope, healing, and an adrenaline rush.” —Jamie Brisick, author of Birth of the Endless Summer: A Surf Odyssey

“Deconstructing the modern theories and practices of surf therapy and the multitude of ways it’s being applied today, for anyone looking to move forward in life, find a little peace and ride a few waves in the process, it’s a must-read.” —Jake Howard, writer for Sports Illustrated and Surfer Magazine

“Here in these pages, [Cash] visits with surf therapy practitioners, participants and volunteers, and shines compelling light on the essential work being done in and around the water to bring about meaningful change in the lives of families on the spectrum and others.” —Daniel Paisner, co-author of Scratching the Horizon: A Surfing Life

“From tortured vets suffering PTSD to addicts in recovery to homeless children searching for direction, Surf Therapy is the fascinating story of just how cathartic the act of riding waves was than we’d ever imagined.” —Beau Flemister, author of In the Seat of a Stranger’s Car

“Surf Therapy is a masterful exploration of the benefits, practices, and potential of surfing to change lives for the better.” —Brad Hook, partner at the Resilience Institute and founder of Surfd

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Surf Therapy
Written by Cash Lambert
978-1-57826-994-5, $20.00 paperback
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