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Successful Philanthropy by Jean Shafiroff

Successful Philanthropy by Jean Shafiroff


Do not keep this book on your bookshelf. Place it on your desk. It should be your bible, your roadmap to success in the world of philanthropy.” —Elsie McCabe Thompson, President, New York City Mission Society

As a true reflection of its author, this book embodies a spirit of fierce commitment and dedication to causes greater than one’s self.” —Ana Oliveira, President and CEO, The New York Women’s Foundation

“Philanthropy is about discovering the satisfaction and deep sense of fulfillment that is a direct result of helping those in need,” writes Georgina Bloomberg in her introduction to the new book Successful Philanthropy.

Successful Philanthropy is a practical guide to modern giving that redefines philanthropy for today’s era. Far more than making monetary donations, philanthropy today encompasses giving time and knowledge, resources that can be just as valuable as financial contributions.

Whether you’re a new philanthropist, a member of a charity’s Board of Directors, or just getting started as a volunteer, Successful Philanthropy offers the practical guidance and inspiring perspective that empowers all of us to take part in building a better world.

The possibilities of philanthropy are almost limitless. Written by Jean Shafiroff, Successful Philanthropy removes the guesswork and helps people shape their own personal path, providing much-needed insight and guidance into making philanthropy a lasting part of their lives.

Giving back to those in need is among the most rewarding and self-fulfilling parts of being human. Successful Philanthropy invites everyone to explore the many ways that they can find fulfillment through a lifetime of philanthropic giving.

author_jean01About the Author

Jean Shafiroff is an American philanthropist. She graduated from Columbia Business School and has worked in public finance and in private partnerships on Wall Street. She serves on many philanthropic boards including the New York Women’s Foundation, Couture Council, Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services, and the French Heritage Society. She was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the NYC Mission Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping out families in New York City’s impoverished neighborhoods.

Jean is married to Martin D. Shafiroff, managing director of Barclays, and splits her time between Manhattan and Southampton, NY. Visit her website to learn more.

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Written by Jean Shafiroff
Introduction by Georgina Bloomberg
Foreword by Scott Elkins
978-1-57826-617-3, $15.00 hardcover
978-1-57826-618-0, $9.99 ebook

In stores 3/8/2016.

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