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Reverse Depression Naturally

Reverse Depression Naturally


Alternate Treatments for Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Stress, Post-Partum Depression and More

With an estimated 21 million people in the US and Canada struggling with depression every day, there is a high likelihood that someone in your life is fighting against the crippling symptoms of a mood disorder.

Reverse Depression Naturally aims to help anyone seeking to treat their depression without the use of harmful pharmaceuticals and chemicals, preferring instead natural supplements and healthful self-care practices.

Written for those just starting on the path to healing, as well as those who’ve tried everything without success, Reverse Depression Naturally provides an in-depth look at the various contributing factors of depression, their respective treatments, and how you can see improvement in a matter of months.

Reverse Depression Naturally covers a multitude of topics, including: a comprehensive overview of depression and its related conditions; dietary advice and methods for better mental health; natural replacements for common antidepressant and anti-anxiety medications; beneficial supplements and home remedies, nutrition and more.

About the Author

Michelle Honda, Ph.D., D.Sc., is a practitioner of natural and preventative medicine and uses a health care format that supports the body’s ability to defend and heal itself, looking at the whole body–not just the symptom or current issue. In addition to earning her doctorate, she holds an advanced degree in nutrition (RNCP), is a Master Herbalist and an IIPA Certified Iridologist. She helps clients with allergies, acid reflux and ulcers, cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart and circulation problems, all women issues and men’s health, gut dysbiosis (Crohn’s, colitis, IBS), skin disorders, children’s health, weight loss and much more. She has done numerous speaking engagements and interviews. Dr. Honda resides in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Written by Dr. Michelle Honda
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