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Restrict: A Poetic Narrative

Restrict: A Poetic Narrative


Young writer unpacks riveting words of wisdom as she reflects on experiences with pre-adolescent disordered eating and battling teen depression and insecurities.

A powerful work of poetic narrative fiction, Restrict is the raw yet resonant story of a teenage girl’s coming of age in a world that cares more about her weight than her mental health.

Told from the perspective of a young woman who has abandoned her own name to distance herself from the emotional trauma of growing up, Little Girl’s story is a modern examination of eating disorders, body image, puberty, and self-worth. And as the pressure to diet starts to become too much, the question faced by Little Girl is this: how can she ever experience self-love in a world focused solely on her appearance?

Created by teenage author Sol Rivera, Restrict is her powerful and cathartic tale of a struggle shared amongst teenagers. This poetry collection serves as a light on the journey of self-discovery… something which too many have been denied.

About the Author

Sol Rivera is a student, poet, and activist who uses her poetry to share her emotions honestly and hopefully in a relatable way. She aims to empower those struggling with eating disorders and other challenges facing teenagers. Although Restrict is a work of fiction, it is inspired by real life. Sol is the youngest of five children and is caring and engaged with her community. She lives at home in Cleveland with her mom and dad, two tiny Maltipoos, Lucy and Ricky, and Skipper, a massive and unruly Black Lab.

# # #Restrict: A Poetic NarrativeWritten by Sol Rivera978-1-57826-984-6, $15.00 paperback978-1-57826-985-3, $9.99 ebookPublished by Hatherleigh Press.Distributed through Penguin Random House.Available wherever books are sold.