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New Quote Collection Blooms for Spring

New Quote Collection Blooms for Spring

“No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth. No culture comparable to that of the garden.” – Thomas Jefferson

Beautifully assembled in an easy-to-follow format, A Garden of Inspiration is the perfect gift for the gardener in your life. It collects over 200 carefully curated quotes of the wisdom, peace and happiness that gardening brings.

Rich with meaningful quotes and enduring messages, A Garden of Inspiration brings readers into a deeper connection with nature, dealing with topics including Earth’s natural beauty, growing food, and our place on the planet.

A Garden of Inspiration celebrates the simple yet profound act of tending a garden. One of the most calming and personally fulfilling activities a person can engage in, growing and cultivating your own patch of ground provides a down-to-earth perspective from which simple, enduring pieces of wisdom and clarity come easily.

Simple and accessible for all ages, A Garden of Inspiration makes a great gift for anyone seeking to bring a sense of harmony to a family member, friend, or special person in their life.

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Written by Jo Brielyn
978-1-57826-554-1, $12.50 hardcover
978-1-57826-555-8, $9.99 eBook

In stores 3/31/15.

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