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Natural Pregnancy Cookbook

Natural Pregnancy Cookbook


Physician Dr. Sonali Ruder takes the guesswork out of planning a healthy diet and presents over 125 delicious, nutritious recipes to suit any taste or palate in The Natural Pregnancy Cookbook. This new recipe collection is doctor designed, ensuring that both mother and baby get the nutrition they need, while still enjoying everything they eat. It is the perfect resource for expectant mothers.

Expertly presented and authoritative, The Natural Pregnancy Cookbook also includes a wealth of information on eating while pregnant—from managing morning sickness and mid-day cravings, to knowing how much food is enough for mother and baby. Keeping mothers strong and babies healthy takes work—and The Natural Pregnancy Cookbook makes it easy.

The Natural Pregnancy Cookbook features a variety of tasty, healthy recipes including: Baby Bump Banana Flax Bread, Berry and Ricotta Stuffed French Toast, Refrigerator Dill Pickles, Summer Zucchini and Corn Frittata, Banana Nut Health Shake, Mediterranean Shrimp Pasta, Grilled Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce, Craveable Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes, and many more.

For any expectant mother looking to manage their cravings, keep control of their diet and have fun doing it, The Natural Pregnancy Cookbook is the most reliable resource each step of the way. Making informed, educated decisions about what to eat during pregnancy is essential to ensuring one’s baby is born happy and healthy.


Dr. Sonali Ruder is a physician, chef, recipe developer, and food blogger. Her passion for food started several years ago when she was doing her residency training in New York City. In 2007 she entered a recipe contest on a whim and ended up being selected from thousands of entrants to compete on a cooking competition on the Food Network. After a few years of competitive cooking, Sonali decided to take her passion for cooking one step further by enrolling in culinary school at the Institute of Culinary Education. While she was a student, she started her popular food blog The Foodie Physician where she uses her medical and culinary backgrounds to help readers create meals that are nutritious and full of flavor. In addition to practicing medicine, Sonali also develops recipes and is a contributing writer for several national magazines, cookbooks, and websites. She recently moved to sunny Fort Lauderdale where she lives with her husband and daughter.

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Written by Dr. Sonali Ruder
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