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Name, Claim & Reframe

Name, Claim & Reframe


“This wonderful, witty, and insightful book presents a tangible formula that will help us address the emotional triggers that hold us back from our most authentic self. Timely, practical, and liberating.” —Margaret M. Blanc, MA, LMFT

From life coach Andrea Mein DeWitt comes a powerful model for handling stress, distress, and life’s turbulent plot twists. Name, Claim & Reframe: Your Path to a Well-Lived Life gives actionable insights into takeaways from DeWitt’s years spent mentoring and coaching professionals on the journey to self-betterment. This book is a call to disarm from the suit of metaphorical armor that hides our truths, false identities, and the pain we’ve stuffed away and never acknowledged.

Name, Claim & Reframe marks a path to self-discovery, helping you access your personal power and potential in a way that aligns with your truth.“Despite the constant uncertainty all around us, it is possible to adopt a more strategic and intentional approach to life,” DeWitt explains. “The very best processes are simple, but not easy. Name, Claim & Reframe is the choice to disrupt our own conditioning and narratives of unworthiness and to choose another way, the way of deepening into the knowing of your innate magnificence and capacity.”DeWitt’s book is the perfect for those seeking self-betterment and a renewed spirit. It unpacks the methodology of personal growth through three reference points:

  • NAME the source of your pain point and get on the other side of it
  • CLAIM resonant actions that align with your core beliefs
  • REFRAME your thinking and proceed with strategic and visionary optimism

Life isn’t easy and when unexpected challenges and personal crises threaten your sense of safety and stability, coping isn’t enough — Name, Claim & Reframe teaches you how to tackle life’s problems, establish healthy boundaries and realign your perspectives so you can embrace your authentic spirit.About the AuthorAndrea Mein DeWitt is an author, speaker, and life coach who helps leaders see and step into their power, their potential, and their truth. Andrea holds an M.Ed. in Reading Leadership from UC Berkeley and is a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coaching Federation and the Co-Active Training Institute. Andrea lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.Praise for Name, Claim & Reframe

“Andrea Mein DeWitt’s call to disarm is a golden nugget that will shine brightly and change the way people live their lives. Breathtaking and thought-provoking.” —Beth Christensen, LMFT“With wit and eloquence, Andrea gently nudges us forward, illuminating new perspectives that give us a pathway to our truest power and greatest potential.” —Macall Gordon, MA, author of Little Livewires“Filled with specific examples of transformation and change, Andrea helps us return to our truest, most potent power.” —Tricia Bolender, MBA, CPCC, Executive Coach and creator of “Sacred Power” programs“Funny, relatable, insightful, and inspiring.” —Julia Holian, CPC, career strategist and interview coach“Every woman deserves to become a gentle warrior and this book is the toolbox she needs to make that happen.” —Melanie Herschorn, MA, coach and business strategist, host of AUTHORity Marketing LIVE“A perfect balance of personal story and coachable elements, DeWitt’s energy infuses the reader with the confidence that they can create the world in which they choose to live.” —Kim O’Hara, author of No Longer Denying Sexual Abuse

# # #NAME, CLAIM & REFRAMEWritten by Andrea Mein DeWittForeword by Tanya Geisler978-1-57826-958-7, $19.95 paperback978-1-57826-959-4, $9.99 ebookPublished by Hatherleigh Press.Distributed through Penguin Random House.Available wherever books are sold.