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Name, Claim & Reframe Workbook

Name, Claim & Reframe Workbook


The Name, Claim & Reframe Workbook provides a day-to-day framework for tackling life’s problems in a way that reflects your authenticity. Featuring reflection questions, intuitive self-inventories and a guided reading experience, this workbook helps you to better embrace your own strength and become more aligned with the gentle warrior spirit in you.

A follow-up to the highly-celebrated Name, Claim, & Reframe: Your Path to a Well-Lived Life (2022), Andrea Mein DeWitt dives deeper into the Name, Claim, and Reframe® (NCR) model in the workbook by breaking it down into smaller, interactive modules enabling readers to explore new perspectives and deepen their self-awareness.

In this comprehensive companion piece, you’ll discover new ways to Name, Claim and Reframe the obstacles in your life.

  • NAME the source of your pain point and get on the other side of it
  • CLAIM resonant actions that align with your core beliefs
  • REFRAME your thinking and proceed with strategic and visionary optimism

“The Name, Claim & Reframe Workbook gives readers the opportunity to call up a more responsive mindset so they can navigate difficult interactions and plot twists with more attuned awareness,” DeWitt says. “They will feel more balanced emotionally because they are leading from the inside by choosing to listen first to their truth so they can approach adversity with a collected demeanor.”

While encompassing humor and true-life stories, the book shows courageous individuals how to break the mold and use the NCR Toolbox to help eliminate self-doubt and open the door to lasting transformation.

About the Author

Andrea Mein DeWitt is an author, speaker, and life coach who helps leaders see and step into their power, their potential, and their truth. Andrea holds an M.Ed. in Reading Leadership from UC Berkeley and is a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coaching Federation and the Co-Active Training Institute. Andrea lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her companion book Name, Claim & Reframe was selected as the Best Motivational Read by the TODAY Show.

Praise for Name, Claim & Reframe Workbook

“A practical, accessible, and actionable experience of introspection presented in a beautifully interactive workbook.”
—Sandy Abrams, founder of C.E.Om, BREATH and author of Breathe to Succeed

“Andrea has, once again, taken deep and rich content and invited us into the exploration with grace and compassion.”
—Tanya Geisler, leadership coach and speaker

“What’s better than a guide that helps you learn how to handle stress more effectively? With prompts and interactive exercises, this companion guide is a home run!”
—Rob Jolles, bestselling author of How to Change Minds

“…a masterful blend of transformative insights and practical exercises designed to awaken an inner power that is both empowering and impactful.”
—Yolanda Canny, host of “Girl, Take the Lead!” podcast

“…a triumph that stands as a shining star in the self-development arena.”
—Naomi Joseph, president & CEO of Soul Nation Inc. and author of Binge and Sprint: From Endless Cake to Recovery

“…does more than just compliment the original; it breathes life into its teachings, making them resonate deeply with your own experiences and what it means to have a ‘well-lived life.'”
—Rani Alfers, host of the “Working Women Mentor” podcast

“…provides the perfect opportunity to memorialize a path forward that creates accountability for actionable strategy and a tool for future reference.”
—Michele Folan, host of the “Asking for a Friend” podcast

“…provides a clear and powerful roadmap for experimenting with new approaches and fresh perspectives that will help you reach whatever goals you set for yourself!”
—Dr. Carey Borkoski, host of the “Tell Me This” podcast and author of Dancing with Discomfort

“This is the workbook to help you come home to yourself and step into your full potential.”
—Tricia Bolender, leadership advisor, executive coach and creator of “Sacred Power” Programs

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Written by Andrea Mein DeWitt
978-1-57826-996-9, $20.00 paperback

Published by Hatherleigh Press.
Distributed through Penguin Random House.
Available wherever books are sold.