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Mental Health Emergencies

Mental Health Emergencies


New Handbook Outlines Protocols for Response

Mental Health Emergencies is a comprehensive guide to common mental and emotional health crises from depression, substance abuse, and PTSD to psychosis and suicide and provides overviews of recommended recovery procedures.

Drawn from best-practices of psychiatry, psychology, and mental health counseling, Mental Health Emergencies is a complete quick-reference for first responders, police officers, firefighters, teachers, human resource professionals—anyone called upon to provide much-needed care to people in the midst of a mental health crisis.

Mental Health Emergencies enables anyone to understand and respond to common mental and emotional ailments, provide support to sensitive and vulnerable mental health populations, and supplement existing first response protocols, improving their ability to provide a wide range of mental health services.

Mental Health Emergencies will help you provide exactly the right kind of support–where and when it’s needed most.


NICK BENAS, QMHA is a Qualified Mental Health Associate and a former United States Marine Sergeant as well as Iraqi Combat Veteran. Nick is the former Director of Business Operations for Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare, a private non-profit mental health agency located in Astoria, Oregon. He is also a Certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor by the National Council for Behavioral Health, teaching adults and youth modules. He travels around the country training individuals on how to recognize a developing mental illness and prevent someone from slipping into a crisis.

MICHELE HART, LCSW has over 20 years experience in the field of social work and has worked in residential and outpatient clinics, educational settings and probation and parole. Her primary focus and passion has been centered around trauma and its impact on children, families, and adults.

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Written by Nick Benas and Michele Hart
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