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Immunopatient: The New Frontier of Curing Cancer

Immunopatient: The New Frontier of Curing Cancer


Immunopatient details one man’s personal journey to discover the medical breakthroughs and cutting-edge treatments in the quest to cure his cancer.

Immunopatient is part gripping memoir, part report from the frontier of cancer medicine. “Immunopatient provides the reader with hope, inspiration,” states Harvard Medical School’s Dr. James Mier.

When an X-ray of a sore arm quickly leads to a diagnosis of Stage IV kidney cancer—one which would soon affect his bones, his lungs, lymph nodes, and brain—Peter Rooney’s world is changed forever.

Faced with the prognosis of an incurable disease and armed only with the will to fight back, Immunopatient author Peter Rooney conquered both fear and illness through mindfulness and positive action. Rooney chronicles his desperate search for hope and healing, and the experimental treatment that will give him a chance to strike back at his disease.

Immunopatient, both humble and human, showcases the heights of medical science and the depths of human endurance, proving that anything is possible as long as you keep moving forward.

About the Author

Peter Rooney has more than a decade’s experience working as an award-winning journalist for newspapers in Illinois and for the Associated Press in Berlin. Peter also worked alongside Gehrung Associates to help academic institutions tell their stories through the publication of research breakthroughs, unconventional wisdom from the social sciences, and other insights from academia. He was heading up communications at Amherst College when he was diagnosed with advanced stage kidney cancer, which had already progressed to his bones, lungs, lymph nodes and brain. He lives in Keene, NH, with his wife, Katharina.

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Written by Peter Rooney
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