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How to Get to Awesome by Rhonda Sciortino

How to Get to Awesome by Rhonda Sciortino


Your Journey is Your Destiny. Make it Awesome.

Each of us has within ourselves the potential to be great. No, not just great—awesome. Yet all too often, we find ourselves acting as spectators in our own lives.

Author and motivational speaker Rhonda Sciortino’s newest book How to Get to Awesome shows readers practical, and inspirational ways to be their best selves, making it easy to incorporate simple changes in daily life.

The key structure of How to Get to Awesome surrounds character traits of “awesome” people, and defines behaviors, attitudes, and practical ways to build these traits within yourself. Identified traits of “awesome” people include: optimism, purpose, honesty, generosity and resourcefulness.

According to Sciortino “by identifying the main characteristics of positive people and establishing  concrete, easy-to-follow steps to enhance those virtues, How to Get to Awesome enables true, personal transformation”.

In a day and age of quick, shallow fixes and little attention paid to enduring character development, How to Get to Awesome provides a prescription for success at any age.


Rhonda Sciortino is an author, motivational speaker and coach for authentic success. She overcame abuse, homelessness, and poverty to become a successful entrepreneur, spokeswoman, and advocate for abused children. She currently serves as the chair for the Successful Survivors Foundation, an organization created to help survivors of adversity to create personal and professional success. Rhonda lives in Southern California with her husband, Nick, near their daughter and her family. Additional information is available at www.rhonda.org.

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Written by Rhonda Sciortino
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