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Holiday Gift Book Ideas

Holiday Gift Book Ideas


We are delighted to showcase some of our most recent titles which will make for wonderful holiday gift giving and Christmas stocking stuffers!

A CHEF’S BOOK OF FAVORITE CULINARY QUOTATIONS highlights words of wisdom from a wide variety of people, including those in the food world and beyond. Features over 200 fun and inspirational quotes for anyone who loves to cook, eat, and entertain, this scrumptious collection is a perfect gift for the food lover in all of us. (978-1-57826-854-2, $12.50 hardcover)

COOKING WITH TRUFFLES: A CHEF’S GUIDE demystifies the truffle for the professional and the home chef, with over 150 unique and tantalizing recipes to suit every palate and occasion. Written by Susi Gott Séguret, Cooking with Truffles features a variety of recipes, ranging from the simple to the sublime. (978-1-57826-818-4, $20.00 paperback)

EARTH, MY DEAREST is an inspirational compilation of over 200 quotes around conservation and sustainability. Highlighting the wonders of our planet and ways on how best we can save it, this quote collection will help show all of us how to cherish the environment and key ways to protect our fragile planet. (978-1-57826-892-4, $12.50 hardcover)

FAVORITE GOLF QUOTATIONS collects over 200 sayings containing the wisdom and wit from past and present legends of golf and promises to be a great gift for every fan. The great Arnold Palmer famously remarked that golf is, “Without a doubt, the greatest game mankind has ever invented.” (978-1-57826-852-8, $12.50 hardcover)

FINDING HOPE highlights key steps to becoming truly resilient and creating a life of authentic love and happiness. This book will help build your personal resilience and help you develop an extensive toolkit of active coping skills, to the point where you can weather even the worst that life throws at you–and still find the strength to move forward. (978-1-57826-908-2, $15.00 hardcover)

A GRANDPARENT’S LOVE celebrates the unique and special bond between grandchildren and grandparents that only they can understand. Full of delightful quotes from artists, writers, celebrities, scholars and more, this inspirational compilation of over 200 witty and thought-provoking quotes makes the perfect gift. (978-1-57826-906-8, $12.50 hardcover)

THE HORSE LOVER’S QUOTATION BOOK is a collection of over 200 fun, inspirational, and meaningful quotes perfect for every horse lover. Rich with meaningful quotes and humorous one-liners, it brings one into a deeper connection with these majestic creatures, highlighting on all the joy and surprises that come from loving these animals. (978-1-57826-877-1, $12.50 hardcover)

THE WARRIOR’S BOOK OF VIRTUES uses the battle-tested principles of the US Marine Corps to help everyone live their best life in easy and practical ways. Written by decorated veterans of the Marine Corps and Navy, it presents a new format for time-tested methods of self-improvement, outlining a plan to triumph over challenges. New in paperback. (978-1-57826-914-3, $15.00 paperback)

All titles are available wherever books are sold including Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.