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Go Far

Go Far


“…showcases the spirit and mindset required to push yourself beyond your limits and achieve your dreams.”
Dean Karnazes, New York Times bestselling author of Ultramarathon Man

How Endurance Sports Help You Win At Life

GO FAR collects exhilarating stories from the worldwide endurance sports career of athlete Jennifer Strong McConachie, giving insight into her life philosophy and the principles that empower her success in ultrarunning, mountaineering, swimming, and more.

The struggle to succeed and the drive to excel are at the heart of what makes someone into an endurance athlete. Their mindset—that of the adventurer, of the explorer, of the never-say-never—is what allows these athletes to go beyond the limits of what’s possible time and time again… both during and outside of events. Real life comes with its own set of challenges to meet, endure and overcome.

Jennifer Pharr Davis, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and author of The Pursuit of Endurance, calls author Jennifer “a master of endurance and a skilled writer who shares her experiences with us so that we can take the principles of going far and apply them to our everyday life.”

The beginning of endurance, in sport and in life, is found in desire — not just to go, but to go far.

About the Author

Jennifer Strong McConachie is a multisport endurance athlete competing in running, swimming, triathlons, adventure racing, and paddling. She trains for mountain ascents around the world, including several of the Seven Summits. She has a degree in Journalism, Mass Communications and Public Relations as well a several certifications in fitness teaching including from the American Council on Exercise. For the last 15 years, Jennifer has written for more than 200 brands and organizations as a marketing, advertising and public relations executive, crafting messages for a variety of mediums and industries as a market leader and industry award winner. As a professional speaker, presenter and trainer, Jennifer has lead groups from college classes to boards of directors on living an adventurous life. She currently lives in Wichita, KS.

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Written by Jennifer Strong McConachie
Foreword by Lisa de Speville
978-1-57826-913-6, $17.95 paperback
978-1-57826-928-0, $9.99 ebook

Published by Hatherleigh Press.
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