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Finding Triathlon

Finding Triathlon


“Scott Tinley has penned a masterful, larger-than-life valentine to a sport that he long ago helped define via his own performance and panache, and in these pages, triathletes of all ages and abilities will find insight and wisdom creatively probing that one question deeply in need of answering: why tri?” —William R. Katovsky, Founder, Triathlete Magazine

Finding Triathlon explores the world inside and outside endurance sports, seeking answers to age-old questions. Part memoir, part cultural exploration, professional athlete Scott Tinley uses the language of sports to speak universal truths.

Told through anecdotes, both personal and shared, with a critical, inquisitive, and often humorous interpretation of a life lived through the medium of sports, Tinley reflects on the sport of triathlon, honest competition, and the drive to improve ourselves as a whole, looking to understand how and why we live our lives.

Finding Triathlon is about a  lifestyle, a perspective, a way of looking at the world and its challenges, as we strive to better ourselves.

Whether training for the next big race or never running a mile in one’s life, Finding Triathlon speaks to the champion in each of us, demonstrating how making the decision to push ourselves to succeed in our dreams can affect our life, our world, and our future.


Scott Tinley is a former world-class professional athlete who has competed in over 400 triathlons, winning the IRONMAN® World Championship twice and the IRONMAN® World Series three times. Scott was inducted into both the Triathlon Hall of Fame and the IRONMAN® Hall of Fame upon retirement in 1999. He founded and developed the sport of off-road triathlon, and continues to co-own and manage the longest running off-road triathlon in the world. He has done television commentary for CBS, ESPN, and ABC; been a contributing writer for CBSNews.com; and written for Sports Illustrated, Men’s Journal, Triathlete Magazine, and Outside Magazine. Scott lives near the beach in Del Mar, California and on a ranch west of Gaviota, California with his family.

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Written by Scott Tinley
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