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Feel the Joy with These Quote Collections

Feel the Joy with These Quote Collections

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“Riding a bike is the closest you can get to flying.” —Robin Williams
“Every day is a good day when you run.” —Kevin Nelson
“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” —Loren Eiseley

The Joy of Cycling, The Joy of Running and The Joy of Swimming each contain a collection of over 200 fun and inspirational quotes on the greatness of their respective sports.

We all remember what it was like the first time we tried to ride a bike. After some falls, a few bruises and lots of practice, we eventually succeed—and it’s this feeling of accomplishment, freedom, and excitement that is prominently highlighted in The Joy of Cycling.

Running is probably the easiest activity we can all do apart from walking to get from one place to another or to get some good exercise in. Everyone’s heard of the “runners high.” There’s an innate feeling of well-being that comes with this activity as well as a great sense of freedom in one’s journey which are highlighted in The Joy of Running.

Swimming is one of the best exercises for all ages. The great sensation of the water on one’s skin, the wonderfulness of floating and feeling weightlessness, the health and fitness benefits of the activity–all of this is captured inside The Joy of Swimming.

These books are perfect gifts for the cyclist, runner and swimmer in your life.

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The Joy of Cycling
Compiled by Jackie Corley
978-1-57826-804-7, $12.50 hardcover

The Joy of Running
Compiled by Jackie Corley
978-1-57826-813-9, $12.50 hardcover

The Joy of Swimming
Compiled by Jackie Corley
978-1-57826-814-6, $12.50 hardcover

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