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Father’s Day Book Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Book Gift Ideas


Looking for the perfect gift book for Father’s Day? Take a peek at these Hatherleigh Press selections for your audience.

THE ABRAHAM LINCOLN BOOK OF QUOTES is a collection of the best quotes, speeches, and advice from one of the most influential and greatest presidents of all time compiled together in one place and reaches out to an America, and a world, which need them more than ever.

HOW TO HUG A PORCUPINE is an inspiring and practical guide for anyone struggling with challenging relationships. It features innovative and refreshing strategies for how to love, understand, and communicate with difficult people—at home, at work, and in your community.

LIFE ON THE GREEN from legendary sports talk show host Ann Liguori is a dream collection of insights and life lessons from some of the most compelling characters and champions in the game’s history. The book features 12 golf legends including Jack Nicklaus, Annika Sorenstam, Padraig Harrington and more.

THE RESILIENT ATHLETE is a step-by-step self-coaching framework designed to build on foundational fitness principles and help you develop athletic resilience, all while optimizing your training for sports, athletics and adventure.

ROUND ZERO takes you inside the NFL Draft! Written by Pro Football Hall of Fame writer and former player Andy Phillips, it’s a look behind-the-scenes from someone who has been there featuring interviews with coaches, general managers, agents, players, and more.

THE STOICISM BOOK OF QUOTES compiles over 200 inspirational and illuminating quotations from the world’s greatest philosophers. These ancient words come to life in the present and help provide much-needed strength, wisdom, and resilience for all of life’s challenges.

WARRIOR WISDOM is a collection of over 200 inspirational and motivational quotes from military leaders and influential figures throughout history. This book highlights the bravery, sacrifice, and knowledge of service men and women in this easy-to-read quote collection.

WINNING PICKLEBALL shows players of all levels how to improve their game through strategy, technique and mental toughness. Whether you’re a novice looking to improve or a pro eager to up your mental game, this book is perfect for those ready to learn and ready to win—all without skills or drills.

All titles are available wherever books are sold including Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. Published by Hatherleigh Press and distributed by Penguin Random House.