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Environmental Book Series for Kids Announced

Environmental Book Series for Kids Announced

We are announcing today the release of our first book in a series designed to raise awareness of the earth’s environments and all the creatures that dwell therein.

Ocean Friends, the first book in the series, features beautiful images of sea animals—from whales to sharks, dolphins and more, all accompanied by text. The suggested reading level of the audience for this Ocean Friends is preschool to second grade.

“Environmental stewardship can be instilled at an early age,” says publisher Andrew Flach. “Through the experience of sharing together these words and images, we hope to bring awareness and connection to children and their families of the preciousness of all life on earth and the fragility of their environments.”

Additional books, DVDs, and even a television series are in the works. The series, called KUBU, means “hippopotamus” in the language of Botswana. Additional upcoming titles include Farm Friends, Jungle Friends, and Woodland Friends.

The Hatherleigh Foundation is the not-for-profit arm of Hatherleigh Press and supports initiatives such as environmental awareness and education through grants, research expeditions, and other activities.

“People have the power to change the world and build a better future,” adds Flach.

For more information, visit www.hatherleighpress.com and www.hatherleighfoundation.org.

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978-1-57826-602-9, $5.99 paperback
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In stores January 2016.

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