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Curing Stubborn Depression

Curing Stubborn Depression


Over 280 million individuals worldwide suffer from depression every year, with many turning to potent antidepressants and drastic lifestyle changes to help manage their condition and improve their quality of life.

But what if these methods don’t work? What if, despite all efforts, an individual continues to suffer? Stubborn, treatment-resistant depression dramatically reduces a person’s quality of life while providing them with seemingly few options for relief.

Curing Stubborn Depression seeks to not only explain the underlying causes of this pervasive form of depressive disorder, but to shine light on a number of non-traditional treatments, new therapies and clinical developments—including ECT, transcranial magnetic stimulation, bright light therapy, ketamine and more—offering hope to those who feel like they have none.

The field of depression treatment is rapidly evolving and constantly changing, meaning it can be difficult to keep up with new therapies and clinical developments. Curing Stubborn Depression delves into these emergent treatments, many of which are transforming how this condition is managed—and offering hope to those who feel like they have none.

About the Author

Paul Fitzgerald, PhD, MBBS is Director of the School of Medicine and Psychology and a Professor of Psychiatry at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia. He completed his Medical Degree at Monash University followed by a Masters of Psychological Medicine and professional training in Psychiatry leading to membership of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. After a fellowship at the University of Toronto, he completed a research PhD in Psychiatry. Paul has conducted extensive research developing new treatments for depression and other conditions while continuing to practice as a psychiatrist and has established multiple clinical services in the provision of new treatment methods.

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Curing Stubborn Depression
Written by Paul Fitzgerald, PhD, MBBS
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