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Books for Mother’s Day

Books for Mother’s Day


To celebrate Mother’s Day, we’ve curated this list of books highlighting inspirational, brave, wonderful and unique stories written by mom authors we have published.

THE PINK STEERING WHEEL CHRONICLES presents a moving portrait of life told with unflinching honesty about marriage, motherhood and mourning. Laura Fahrenthold knew that to cope with her painful loss, she needed to do it on her own terms. She bought an RV, took her kids and their dog, and drove across the United States and Canada in search of healing and understanding.

CHILD OF THE WOODS is a uniquely beautiful collection of short stories and observations from Susi Gott Séguret’s experiences growing up in the natural settings of rural Appalachia. But it’s more than just a collection of childhood stories—it is an invitation to go a-wandering, to traipse through the underbrush in search of adventure and excitement, experiencing the majesty of nature anew, through the eyes of a true child of the woods.

PREEMIE is a riveting, honest, and often humorous memoir which chronicles the journey of one tiny baby’s tenacious struggle to hold on to life and the mother who ultimately grew with her. From hospital waiting rooms to the offices of alternative practitioners, from ski slopes to Symphony Hall, Kasey Mathews tries to make meaning of her daughter’s birth and eventually comes to learn that gifts come in all sizes and all forms, and sometimes… right on time.

RED SUNSHINE is a gripping memoir about Dr. Kimberly Allison’s sudden journey from physician (and new mother) to patient and her attempt to make the most of this terrifying and unexpected ordeal. Her experience reflects the incredible power of the bonds of friendship and family. It is about paying attention to the magic that is waiting to be uncovered in everyday life.

IMPROBABLE SHEPHERD is a continuation of Sylvia’s Farm, covering the past five years of Sylvia Jorrín experiences on a rural sheep farm. This book brings readers closer to the world around them, and to recognize the simple, often hidden beauties it holds. Life on Sylvia’s farm continues to present our improbable shepherdess with new opportunities to appreciate the peace and unexpected joys that farm life brings despite too many tasks and too little time.

MOTHER TO THE MOTHERLESS tells the inspiring true story of Mama Zipporah rising from the depths of abuse and poverty to establishing one of the most successful children’s shelters in Kenya. Learn more about the Huruma Children’s Home in Kenya, a children’s shelter that continues to perform the same function as the church did in Mama’s youth: protecting the helpless children and teaching them to make the world a better place.

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