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Backyard Farming: Composting

Backyard Farming: Composting

Composting is the newest addition to the popular Backyard Farming series from author and homesteading expert Kim Pezza. This all-in-one guide for creating a homestead composting system shows how anyone can add rich, nourishing humus to their garden soil for ideal growing conditions. Composting reviews every important topic: what can be composted, benefits and uses for compost, how to build a compost bin, and much more.

Composting is the comprehensive primer for anyone homeowner looking to start composting and bring that “black gold” to their own garden. Including detailed instructions and informative photographs that help ensure compost systems are practical and productive, Composting takes a step by step approach through everything any gardener needs to nourish to build healthy, rich soil.

Composting covers a range of important topics including choosing the best composting method, discovering how to begin a compost system, learning how to troubleshoot any composting problems, and finding out the most optimal way to use compost on any scale — from simple terrace gardening to full-on farming.

Composting, in conjunction of the comprehensive Backyard Farming series, takes the anxiety and guesswork out of enjoying the backyard farming revolution. Backyard Farming is the first big step to joining the growing movement of these homemakers looking to a healthier, happier way of life—and it starts right in everyone’s own backyard.


Kim Pezza grew up among orchards and dairy and beef farms having lived most of her life in the Finger Lakes region. She has raised pigs, poultry and game birds, rabbits and goats, and is experienced in growing herbs and vegetables. In her spare time, Kim also teaches workshops in a variety of areas, from art and simple computers for seniors, to making herb butter, oils, and vinegars. She continues to learn new techniques and skills and is currently looking to turn her grandparents’ 1800s farm into a small, working homestead.

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Written by Kim Pezza
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