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Michelle Biton

MICHELLE BITON is a Health and Wellness Coach and Educator. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition and a Certificate in Kinesiology, Health and Fitness Studies.

Michelle is a leader and innovator in the health and wellness field. She has been inspiring women worldwide over the past 30 years through her books, newsletters and websites. Michelle is a health and wellness coach, mental health advocate and author of the best-selling book Pregnancy Without Pounds. Michelle is passionate about writing self-help books that empower people to change, implement healthy choices and live their best life possible.

She has a background coaching people in mental health, addictions recovery, sensory integration disorder, behavioral coaching, disordered eating and lots of anxiety.

Her book The Instant Anxiety Solution is an essential read for every person struggling with anxiety. Learn more at www.michellebiton.com.