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4 Simple Yoga Poses for Better Health

4 Simple Yoga Poses for Better Health

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Change up your workout with some yoga. Yoga is effective because it is a low-impact activity that can easily be modified for each individual and can be done anywhere. Yoga postures can be integrated into your exercise routine simply and can strengthen your muscles and build flexibility.

Enjoy these yoga poses from the Gentle Yoga book series:

1. Mountain

Stand with your big toes touching. Roll your shoulders up, back, and down- this movement places your shoulder blades on your back. Try to find your balance over the arches of your feet by rocking back and forth from the balls of your feet to the heels. Then build your body up from your feet and through your calves, pulling your kneecaps up, tightening your thighs, and tucking your tailbone under. Your chin should be centered with your chest. Exhale and pull up on your pelvic floor. On the next exhale, pull your stomach up and back. This “lock” in the abdominals should be used in all standing postures.

2. Hands Under Toes

Start with your feet together in Mountain pose. On the inhale, sweep your arms widely up and back. On the exhale, swan-dive down and bring your fingers under your toes, bending your knees as much as needed. On the inhale, raise your head and chest, keeping your fingers in place. On the exhale, lower your head. Repeat four to five times.

3. Warrior III

Start with your feet together, placing your weight on your left foot. On the inhale, raise your arms shoulder-width over your head. On the exhale, come forward with your torso and raise your right leg behind, keeping your hips parallel. Tighten your left leg and your abdominal muscles to hold your body up. Work up to five breaths. Repeat on the left side.

4. Cat and Dog

Start on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. On the exhale, round your back up to arch like a cat and bring your hips forward. Bring your chin to your chest. On the inhale, drop your belly and raise your head, pushing your sitting bones back and up. Repeat four to five times with the breath.

For more yoga poses, check out Gentle Yoga for Arthritis which releases June 24th as part of the Gentle Yoga series. Other books in the series include Gentle Yoga for Osteoporosis, Gentle Yoga for Back Pain, and Gentle Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis.


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