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30 Days to Love

30 Days to Love


There is nothing more empowering than loving others and being loved in return… and nothing worse than being rejected, left out, ignored.

Be it self-love, friendship, romantic love or care for your community, 30 Days to Love shows us all that by treating each new day as an opportunity to add a bit more love into the world, we take another step down the path to our truly joyful life.

Love centers us, sustains us—people who feel loved know that no matter what challenges life throws at them, they will persevere and succeed. They know that their value is not diminished by setbacks or mistakes.

30 Days to Love is a blueprint for for loving ourselves, those closest to us, and our communities as well as the 30 key life inventory items which have the biggest impact on spreading and sharing love.

Every new day is an opportunity to dial down the noise and add a bit more love into the world. When we do that, love splashes back up on us. Make the most of your life by becoming an instrument of love!

About the Author

Rhonda Sciortino is an author, speaker, business owner, and spokesperson for organizations including Safe Families for Children and the National Foster Parent Association. She is the founder and chairperson of Successful Survivors Foundation and the national champion of the LOVE IS ACTION Community Initiative. Rhonda serves as a spokesperson for Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women and Justice and for Foster Care Alumni of America. She is a regular contributor to Foster Focus Magazine, Fostering Families Today Magazine, and Children’s Voice Magazine. For more information, visit rhonda.org.# # #30 DAYS TO LOVEWritten by Rhonda Sciortino978-1-57826-915-0, $12.50 paperback978-1-57826-930-3, $6.99 ebookPublished by Hatherleigh Press.Distributed through Penguin Random House.Available wherever books are sold.