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101 Best Rowing Workouts

101 Best Rowing Workouts


Experience Everything the Rowing Machine Has to Offer

Rowing is the ultimate in non-impact total body exercise. Providing a complete workout for your core, hamstrings, abs, glutes and so much more, indoor rowing has fast become a staple of gym routines throughout the country.

101 Best Rowing Workouts is just that: over one hundred of the absolute best rowing workouts, collected into complete fitness programs perfect for everything from boosting endurance and losing weight to building mass and body sculpting. In addition, 101 Best Rowing Workouts comes with dozens of free weight and body weight-centric workouts featuring the rowing machine, making it easy to fit into your existing routine.

Whether you’re looking for an easy row to help round out your recovery week or a pulse-pounding high intensity interval session to help you take it to the next level, rowing will meet you where you are now—and take you as far as you want to go.

About the Author

Sarah Fuhrmann is one of the leading voices in the rowing community. Her company UCanRow2 brings the power of indoor rowing to exercisers and fitness professionals worldwide.

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