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Teen Violence in America

Teen Violence in America


“…a concise picture of why teens resort to violence while providing functional strategies to prevent and mitigate tragedies.” —Mike Tapia, Ph.D.

“…presents common sense solutions to the complex issues that spark teen violence.” —Roberto Hernandez, veteran Florida law enforcement official

Teen Violence in America is a powerful and important book that explains the epidemic rise and complex underlying causes of youth violence, and opens a discussion on strategies to protect our children from physical and emotional harm.

Our children are our future. Yet every day, new reports come in describing violent assaults against youths, or dramatic increases in gang recruitment of teens, or the terrible, hostile environments children are forced to grow up in.

Each of us has a responsibility to do all we can to ensure that children are raised happy, healthy and emotionally whole. Change is needed, as is a renewed commitment to our youth—and the only way that can happen is if we understand the dangers our children face in their daily lives.

About the Author

Joseph Kolb is the Executive Director for the Southwest Gang Information Center. Joseph is an instructor in the Criminal Justice Program at Western New Mexico University specializing in Crime and Minorities, Border Security, American Crime Policy, and Transnational Criminal Organizations. He has contributed criminal justice related articles to The New York Times, Reuters News Services, Journal for Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism, Homeland Security Today, and Police One.

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Written by Joseph Kolb
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