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  1. Look, See the Bird!

    by Hatherleigh Community

    Look, See the Bird! is a hand-drawn, beautifully illustrated children’s book which seeks to not only promote curiosity in children about the natural world around them, but also to establish the universal quality of having a connection with nature and the importance of being good stewards of the earth and all its creatures.

  2. The Swimmer’s Workout Handbook

    by Hatherleigh Community

    The Swimmer’s Workout Handbook includes 100 of the best swim workouts for all experience levels, a guide to common swim terms, and guidelines to get the most out of your workouts.

  3. The Hero Workouts

    by Hatherleigh Community

    The Hero Workouts features over 100 workouts each named for a fallen hero and includes the story of their personal lives and battle action.

  4. Celebrate Love

    by Hatherleigh Community

    Celebrate Love contains over 200 quotes about the enduring nature of love, the thrill of new adventures, the meaning of partnership, the joy of celebration, and the bond of family.

  5. Reverse Inflammation Naturally by Dr. Michelle Honda

    by Hatherleigh Community

    Reverse Inflammation Naturally features a comprehensive overview of both acute and chronic inflammation and offers practical guidance and alternative solutions to popular drugs as well as beneficial supplements and home remedies.

  6. Excerpt from Green Town USA

    by Hatherleigh Community

    On the evening of May 4, 2007, a tornado of unmatched ferocity tore through the small Kansas town of Greensburg, leaving little but devastation in its wake. In the ten years since, the people of Greensburg have demonstrated the sort of resiliency, hard work and commitment to hope that embodies not only the American spirit, but its commitment to excellence. Rebuilding their town from scratch, Greensburg has become more than a success story of sustainability and forward-thinking—it has become a symbol of the future of the eco-friendly lifestyle.

    Green Town U.S.A. was published in 2013 recounting Greensburg’s story. It’s a story of hope and opportunity in the face of obstacles and difficulties providing real-world proving ground for sustainable solutions which many towns around the world have similarly implemented in the years since.

    In tribute for the 10th anniversary of the tornado that changed Greensburg forever, we present the entirety of Chapter 1 of Green Town U.S.A.

  7. The Parents’ Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations

    by Hatherleigh Community

    Now updated to reflect the latest findings and research, The Parents’ Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations, Second Edition provides the latest available information on vaccinations for children.

  8. You Can Save the Earth Coloring Book

    by Hatherleigh Community

    You Can Save the Earth Coloring Book for Environmental Awareness, Conservation, and Sustainability features the absolute best of what our beautiful world has to offer inspiring environmental appreciation and highlighting the importance of the sustainable stewardship of our fragile planet.

  9. Mindfulness in Nature

    by Hatherleigh Community

    Mindfulness experts Dr. Nina Smiley and David Harp have created a new guide called Mindfulness in Nature which provides a meaningful way to nurture ourselves through a sense of spaciousness, calm, and connection with the out-of-doors.

  10. What to Know Before Having Your Baby by Peter Jung, MD

    by Hatherleigh Community

    What to Know Before Having Your Baby is the expert guide for new parents on common topics regarding newborns, infants and toddlers.


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