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  1. The Nature Lover’s Quotation Book

    by Hatherleigh Community

    The Nature Lover’s Quotation Book is a new collection of inspirational and meaningful quotes perfect for every lover of the great outdoors.

  2. The Art Lover’s Quotation Book

    by Hatherleigh Community

    Full of great quotes about enduring works of art, from creating it to consuming it, and everything in between, The Art Lover’s Quotation Book is the perfect gift for the artist in all of us.

  3. Look, See the Farm!

    by Hatherleigh Community

    Look, See the Farm! is a hand-drawn, beautifully illustrated children’s book which seeks to not only promote curiosity in children about the natural world around them, but also to establish the universal quality of having a connection with nature

  4. Warrior Workouts

    by Hatherleigh Community

    From legendary Navy SEAL Stewart Smith comes Warrior Workouts, a series featuring the most challenging fitness routines ever developed.

  5. Irish Wit, Wisdom, & Humor

    by Hatherleigh Community

    Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, here are some fun and favorite quotes from our newest book, Irish Wit, Wisdom & Humor.

  6. The Mamma Mia! Diet

    by Hatherleigh Community

    More than just a meal plan—The Mamma Mia! Diet is a complete lifestyle guide. An improved version of the classic Mediterranean diet, The Mamma Mia! Diet provides healthy Italian dishes to help you lose weight while still feeling full and satisfied.

  7. Doing Good with Other People’s Money

    by Hatherleigh Community

    Whether you’re a small nonprofit startup or a multi-million dollar agency or institution, Doing Good with Other People’s Money is for any organization looking to obtain contracts and grant awards in a competitive environment.

  8. The Triathlon Training Handbook

    by Hatherleigh Community

    Combining running, swimming and biking-specific exercises with complementary endurance and strength training, The Triathlon Training Handbook approach emphasizes targeted fitness milestones alongside proper recovery

  9. Tabata Workout Handbook, Volume 2

    by Hatherleigh Community

    The Tabata Workout Handbook, Volume 2 features more than 100 all-new, Tabata-style high intensity interval training workouts (HIIT) for all fitness levels.

  10. Exercises for Perfect Posture

    by Hatherleigh Community

    Exercises for Perfect Posture is the complete guide to achieving healthy posture, providing everything from fitness programs and exercises designed to realign the spine and strengthen shoulders, neck and back.


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