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  1. The Dumbbell Workout Handbook: Strength & Power

    by Hatherleigh Community

    The Dumbbell Workout Handbook: Strength & Power is an all-new collection of dumbbell workouts to create a complete fitness program focused on using dumbbells to pack on muscle, build power and burn fat while improving total body conditioning.

  2. The Book of African Proverbs

    by Hatherleigh Community

    The Book of African Proverbs includes over 1,200 of the best, most profound and illuminating proverbs from Africa, its nations and its people.

  3. More Gift Book Ideas for Father’s Day

    by Hatherleigh Community

    Looking for some more gift ideas for Father’s Day? Check out these new books which dad just might love.

  4. NEVER!

    by Hatherleigh Community

    A book of quotations containing 750+ Things You Should NEVER! Do.

  5. The High School Athlete: Football

    by Hatherleigh Community

    The High School Athlete: Football is the essential program for any student looking to play football in high school, as well as any coach looking to revolutionize their methods.

  6. Books for Mother’s Day

    by Hatherleigh Community

    To celebrate Mother’s Day, we’ve curated this list of books highlighting inspirational, brave, wonderful and unique stories written by mom authors we have published.

  7. Waves of Healing

    by Hatherleigh Community

    Waves of Healing tells the extraordinary true story of the powerful impact of surfing on the lives of those affected with autism.

  8. Child of the Woods

    by Hatherleigh Community

    Child of the Woods is a uniquely beautiful collection of stories of life growing up in the natural settings of rural Appalachia.

  9. 30 Days to Happiness

    by Hatherleigh Community

    30 DAYS TO HAPPINESS is an honest assessment of the 30 key life inventory items that have the biggest influence on your happiness.

  10. Congrats on recent award winners!

    by Hatherleigh Community

    We’d like to highlight and congratulate three of our books, which recently received award recognition–Preemie, Racing Back to Vietnam, and Living with Endometriosis.


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